Operations Management: Toverland

Toverland, a mid-sized theme park in the South of the Netherlands, is our commissioner for the first project of this academic year. It celebrates its 15th birthday this year. The Magic Valley is the newest area, being introduced in 2013, which adds another dimension of magic to the park. The key attraction here is Djengu River, a water attraction seen regularly in other parks but themed after the world of Dwervels – fictional creatures – and with unexpected turns to make it more exciting. On a national level Toverland becomes a strong competitor because of its growing rate and guest satisfaction. In 2020 the park would like to attract 1 million visitors.

Operational Management is the main subject during this project. Queuing, capacity, organisational forms and so on. The knowledge gained during classes, organised by lecturer Hans Rozemeijer, will be used during the project for Toverland. Each group observes an attraction, shop and merchandise outlet to improve its flow. Processes within the park are observed and altered as to teach students more about operational management and research. The kick-off was on the 9th of September. Toverlands’ management gave a presentation about the park and answered questions asked by teachers and students. From 1 o’clock students were free to walk through the park and observe their units for the first time. Observations are scheduled on Fridays to give the whole group time to visit Toverland and draw conclusions.

What awaits is more information about operations, Toverland and research methods for the next coming weeks. An update will be written soon to give more details about this project and the contents of the classes.


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