Graduating: The do’s and don’ts!

After three and a half years it is time to start graduating. You will do your graduation assignment based on the study that you have chosen in the first year. This means that students who chose to do Tourism that they will write a thesis and defend it. Leisure students will do a graduation assignment for a company and defend their personal development during a … Continue reading Graduating: The do’s and don’ts!

Change or die?

‘Change or die’ is a sentence we hear regularly in the course change management. Throughout history, change was absolutely necessary to avoid a disadvantageous end. It has been around since the beginning of time. Change is, in essence, moving from a current state to a future state. It always starts from within, but is often stimulated from without; your direct and indirect environment. Within our … Continue reading Change or die?

Marketing management for theme parks and other leisure activities

What is marketing? The dictionary describes marketing as: ‘The strategic functions involved in identifying and appealing to particular groups of consumers, often including activities such as advertising, branding, pricing, and sales.’ Advertising is at least not the only activity. Imagine a new attraction is being built. How will this be communicated to the public? The marketing department wrote a press release, which will be spread … Continue reading Marketing management for theme parks and other leisure activities

Fieldtrip Stichting Milieu, Educatie en Kinderboerderij

MEK, de Stichting Milieu, Educatie en Kinderboerderij, is located in Oosterhout – about a  twenty minute – drive from Breda. Or in English: MEK is a petting zoo focusing on education and sustainability. Bart Stadhouders, lecturer Professional Leadership & Development, arranged a fieldtrip to show the variety in the industry. It entails more than just theme parks, as is often limited to. An estimation indicates that there are roughly 550 … Continue reading Fieldtrip Stichting Milieu, Educatie en Kinderboerderij

Admission to ATPM: only for theme park fans…?

Is admission for Attractions & Theme Park Management is only for people knowledgeable about the industry? The answer is no. There have been quite some misconceptions that you need to be a theme park fan in order to be admitted to the program and in order to understand the materials. I personally knew nothing about theme parks, apart from my own experiences. I applied because of … Continue reading Admission to ATPM: only for theme park fans…?

Minor presentation at Europa-Park

After months of hard work is was time to go back to Europa-Park and show them our findings. 16 students divided over three project groups have worked on a loyalty program, a new themed area and improving the communication tools for the Dutch market. The students left Monday morning to drive to Rust. After the check-in we had a backstage tour. During this tour we … Continue reading Minor presentation at Europa-Park

Project 5: Revenue & Financial Management

Project 5 is all about financing. As a manager, it is essential to understand financial statements and to be able to calculate in order to have a proper view on how your business is developing. When is your break-even point? How would cash be generated in the next 10 years and how would that influence your investments? These questions need to be answered to enable … Continue reading Project 5: Revenue & Financial Management