(A)TPM is celebrating its anniversary!!!

That is why we are organizing a symposium on 26 June 2019 to showcase our achievements and allow students, alumni and our connections in the field to connect and exchange their experiences and ideas. We are inviting (inter)national speakers to create an exciting afternoon programme that will end with drinks and the opportunity to network. Are you as excited as we are? Send an e-mail … Continue reading (A)TPM is celebrating its anniversary!!!

What I Needed to do to Start an Education of Dreams and Magic

~ by Dide Stroek Upon reading the title of this blog post, one might think I am studying to be a magician – but no, try again. What about learning to be a witch at Hogwarts? No, but we are getting closer. I am studying Attractions and Theme park management, also known as ATPM. In the next few paragraphs; I will tell you about the … Continue reading What I Needed to do to Start an Education of Dreams and Magic

Zoos & Attractions: Not If, But How?

This article is written by Timo van Boekel and his vision about hybrid zoos: “There has been a lot of discussion about the idea for a rollercoaster at Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen in the Netherlands lately. The main subject in this discussion was about the use of attractions within an environment with living animals. However, the combination between animals and attractions is already well known … Continue reading Zoos & Attractions: Not If, But How?

Upcoming Event: Phantasialand Wintertraum 2017

Every year, the unofficial field trip to Phantasialand (Brühl, Germany) takes place in December. The magical park will be set in a winter theme, called Wintertraum. This year, we have reached the highest attendance level ever: around 80 students, divided over more than 20 cars, will drive to Brühl and experience Phantasialand in a breathtaking winter setting. Will you be joining us next year? Come … Continue reading Upcoming Event: Phantasialand Wintertraum 2017

Change or die?

‘Change or die’ is a sentence we hear regularly in the course change management. Throughout history, change was absolutely necessary to avoid a disadvantageous end. It has been around since the beginning of time. Change is, in essence, moving from a current state to a future state. It always starts from within, but is often stimulated from without; your direct and indirect environment. Within our … Continue reading Change or die?