Fieldtrip Stichting Milieu, Educatie en Kinderboerderij

MEK, de Stichting Milieu, Educatie en Kinderboerderij, is located in Oosterhout – about a  twenty minute – drive from Breda. Or in English: MEK is a petting zoo focusing on education and sustainability. Bart Stadhouders, lecturer Professional Leadership & Development, arranged a fieldtrip to show the variety in the industry. It entails more than just theme parks, as is often limited to. An estimation indicates that there are roughly 550 … Continue reading Fieldtrip Stichting Milieu, Educatie en Kinderboerderij

The Harry Potter Expo

Harry Potter has been – and still is – an incredibly successful media series. Millions of readers and movie goers have enjoyed the story of the young wizard. New books have been published this year and with a movie coming out this fall, the world of wizards has not yet lost its magic. Children and adults alike have immersed themselves in the content. Recently an … Continue reading The Harry Potter Expo

Special class: Happy Station

On Monday, things were a little different than the usual Professional Development & Leadership classes for the 3rd year Attractions & Theme Parks Management students. The class was at the train station of Breda. After discussing what we were doing that day, which was learning about the Business Concept Model, Bart had a little surprise for us. We were going to visit the Happy Station. … Continue reading Special class: Happy Station

Year 2 Project 2: Rijksmuseum and hospitality

Hospitality is one of the core parts of the industry. Food & beverage is always present in theme parks and an increasing amount of parks is starting to build hotels or campsites. Besides that, hospitable behaviour towards guests is essential. This means that the employees should be kind and helpful , but also that the park should provide special facilities and adapt the service to … Continue reading Year 2 Project 2: Rijksmuseum and hospitality

Fieldtrip PSV

How do you manage a large crowd? It might seem quite straightforward at first, until it turns out to require ongoing extensive planning. Can you even imagine how big the organisation of a crowd can be safety-wise? Marc van de Laar, a security officer working at PSV Eindhoven, gave a lecture about crowd management to second and third year Attractions & Theme Parks Management students … Continue reading Fieldtrip PSV