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Curious to know what it is you can expect from the ATPM programme? To help you along, we have divided the studies into three phases:

Phase I – Translating meaningful guest experience to hospitality operations
The first year of this track you will start with a sound introduction to the European attractions and theme park industry. In the first 15 weeks you learn more about the development and management of visitor attractions, on how to create experiences using Imagineering and Storytelling and how to translate this to the main business operations (Ride Operations, Retail & Merchandise and Food & Beverage). We pay special attention to guest hospitality, and will visit best practises in this field. In this period you will also start with your personal Professional Development and Leadership training. You will also get a hands-on working experience in one of the major theme park resorts in the world: a 26 week international placement at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando or at another major theme park in Europe.

Phase II – Management strategies for attractions and theme parks
With the insights and experiences gained at Disney you will further deepen your management knowledge and skills in the second year. In four semesters you will be trained in Operations (Safety & Law), Finance (Investment & Accounting), Marketing (Sales & Communication) and Change Management. In all these semesters you will work on projects for European attractions, zoos or theme parks. We will stimulate you towards an international position by offering a language and study trip abroad. There you will learn a second foreign language (German or French) and obtain deeper insights within a European theme park.

Phase III – Minor and Bachelor’s Thesis
To ensure a smooth progression from the course and content phase to the thesis phase you will be offered a few opportunities to bring your strategic thinking into the work-field. You can opt for the minor Attractions & Theme Parks Management focussing on business modelling for a new guest experience commissioned by one of our industry partners. A second option is to apply for the Efteling Academy focussing on brand and product development using Imagineering & Storytelling techniques for a specific Efteling project. During these minors you will be placed in seminar groups, within which you write your individual thesis proposal. This culminates in a (research) project/thesis.

The third option is more practise based: You can become a Companion to an attraction or theme park manager. During a full year of working on a specific project you will work on bespoken professional products to proof your competence development. For example you will write a complete project plan that can really be implemented in the company.

You will graduate based on a final exam in which you proof your competencies as an Attractions & Theme Parks Manager.

The curriculum looks as follows:

Curriculum ATPM