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Bart Stadhouders – Project leader & expert
Bart Stadhouders is the year 2 & central ATPM coordinator and project leader of Discover ATPM. He is the expert in leadership and change management.


Goof Lukken – Producer & expert
Goof Lukken is a senior lecturer within the ATPM programme as well as an expert on Marketing, Zoos and industry related elements. For Discover ATPM, Goof is mostly involved as a producer behind the scenes.


Maaike van de Sande – Editor in chief & expert
Maaike van de Sande is the English teacher within the ATPM programme and editor in chief of Discover ATPM.


Danielle Maas – Editor
Photo (Daniëlle)
At the age of 10, the realisation suddenly struck me that I could simply not become a doctor or a lawyer. How could I if was always busy daydreaming about other worlds, making up stories? I knew then that it has always been and that it will always be my ambition to create experiences. Years later, I found Attractions & Theme Parks Management! In theme parks, these fantasised worlds are brought to life. It was a match and without much doubt I enrolled in the program. My name is Daniëlle Maas and I will be writing about the second year.


Amber van de Laar – Editor
My name is Amber. At the moment I am in my 3rd year of Attractions and Theme Parks Management. Before going to the NHTV, I always wondered how theme parks and attractions could attract all those visitors. And th ere was only 1 way to find out: studying Attractions and Theme Parks Management. On this website I am keeping you updated on the activitiesand projects of year 3.


Chantal Kelders – Reporter
Hello! My name is Chantal Kelders and I’m a 2nd year student at the Attraction and Theme park Management track at NHTV. As Mr. Walt Disney once said: “You can dream, create, design and build the most wonderful place in the world, but it requires people to make the dream a reality.” In the future, I want to be the person that can make dreams a reality for other little girls like I once was. For Discover ATPM I collect the stories from Alumni students and professionals from the industry.


Marlon van den Bergh – Instagram editor
Hello, my name is Marlon van den Bergh, 20 years old. I’m a current third year student ofAttractions and Theme Parks Management. After my placement at the biggest theme park of the world, I knew this industry is one of my biggest passions. I hope to share my passion with you. All Instagram posts are edited by me. Enjoy!


Joey Mulders – Facebook & Twitter editor

My name is Joey and I’m a third year Attractions and Theme Parks Management student. I’ve chosenfor this specialization since I’m passionate about the industry. It is wonderful to deliver exceptional guest service and to create new and exciting concepts. This specialization gives me also moreinformation about the financial and operational point of view. For this website I’m responsible for the Facebook page as well for the Twitter account.

Lana van der Stonden – Video editor


Hello! I am Lana and I am a second year attractions and theme parks student. I am a graphic designer with a passion for theme parks. When I was a little girl I always wondered what the magic was behind those big theme parks. Now I am learning, enjoying and discovering this industry and the magic behind it. For this website I am responsible for the videos.

Iskander Khairoutdinov – Visual editor & CSM

Version 2
Hey there! I’m Iskander and I’m a second year’s Attractions and Theme Parks student. As a kid I grew up in theme parks, and I still have a soft spot for them. When I was 16 I started working in the largest theme park in the Netherlands. That inspired me to choose this track. I provide most of the visuals and do website optimization for Discover ATPM.