An introduction to the Attraction and Theme Parks industry: The first project

~ By Leone van Erven After a long summer holiday, school has started again. Some students are excited for the new school year and some would have liked to enjoy a few more weeks of freedom. I was one of the people who was excited for the new school year. Not exactly knowing what I have gotten myself into, I was eager to learn more … Continue reading An introduction to the Attraction and Theme Parks industry: The first project

Serious Fun? How I got into this Roller Coaster Madness

~ By Jessica Rijneveld It is dream of many, but only 40 people a year, get the chance to be selected for the so called “ATPM” track. Also known as Attraction and Theme Park Management. Who does not want to work in themed or an attraction based environment ? It is one of the most popular sectors of the leisure industry and rapidly growing. Do … Continue reading Serious Fun? How I got into this Roller Coaster Madness

Minor: Storytelling and Consumer Experiences

One of the minors that is offered at the Academy for Leisure is “Storytelling and Consumer Experiences”. In this article I will explain the content and the current projects that we are doing. Changes Since the start of this academic year there were many changes throughout the entire NHTV regarding minors and graduating. The minors changed in length which make it easier to do, for … Continue reading Minor: Storytelling and Consumer Experiences

Open day – 12th of November

Tomorrow is the 12th of November, which means it’s time for the first open day at the NHTV within this academic year. The open day gives possible new students the opportunity to learn more about the different studies that the NHTV offers. All the academies will open their doors between 10:00 o’clock until 15:00 o’clock. Attractions and Theme Parks Management will be represented at three … Continue reading Open day – 12th of November

The Harry Potter Expo

Harry Potter has been – and still is – an incredibly successful media series. Millions of readers and movie goers have enjoyed the story of the young wizard. New books have been published this year and with a movie coming out this fall, the world of wizards has not yet lost its magic. Children and adults alike have immersed themselves in the content. Recently an … Continue reading The Harry Potter Expo

Operations Management: Toverland

Toverland, a mid-sized theme park in the South of the Netherlands, is our commissioner for the first project of this academic year. It celebrates its 15th birthday this year. The Magic Valley is the newest area, being introduced in 2013, which adds another dimension of magic to the park. The key attraction here is Djengu River, a water attraction seen regularly in other parks but … Continue reading Operations Management: Toverland

ATPM on Tour: Phantasialand

The first stop during our tour through the attractions and theme parks industry is in Germany. In a small village called Brühl is a theme park named Phantasialand which recently opened a new themed area. The perfect reason to visit this wonderful park. The park consists of six themed areas: Berlin, Mystery, Mexico, China Town, Deep in Africa and Fantasy. Each themed area offers a … Continue reading ATPM on Tour: Phantasialand