Project 3: storytelling in zoos

Teacher and student were always the connection between zoos and visitors. Nowadays, a shift is visible from education to experience. Storytelling remains a widely used tool in creating experiences in all leisure activities. Zoos worldwide and their stories were the final topics the last project revolved around. Closely involved in the process of concept development were our supervisors, Goof Lukken and Bart Stadhouders, who provided … Continue reading Project 3: storytelling in zoos

Project 6 has started!

On Monday, the third year Attractions & Theme Parks Management students have started their Marketing project. The commissioner is the second-best theme park in Europe: Europa-Park. Henk Groenen, responsible for the marketing within the Benelux area, explained about Europa-Park as a whole and what is expected from the students. In the upcoming weeks, the students will do research and eventually come up with a marketing … Continue reading Project 6 has started!

Project Year 3 Toverland: Operations Management

At the beginning of this academic year, the 3rd year students of Attractions and Theme Parks Management started off with a project on operations management. The commissioner for this project was Attractiepark Toverland (Sevenum, Noord-Limburg). Attractiepark Toverland was founded only 15 years ago and has already received multiple awards. The project consisted of giving Attractiepark Toverland more insights in how visitor flow and the operational … Continue reading Project Year 3 Toverland: Operations Management